Friday, January 30, 2009

Burrowing Owl at Yolo Bypass

This morning, during our daily walk at the Yolo Bypass, Truman flushed a burrowing owl. It had been hanging out among some ground squirrel burrows on the east side of the levee just south of Interstate 80. This is the first burrowing owl I have seen at the Bypass in eight years of near daily walks. I have seen a small colony about 3 miles nothwest of this site along the perimeter of an agircultural field. And, of course, burrowing owls are well knowned and loved by the average citizen in Davis; a large residential development project was opposed because of the effect on tis personable raptors, as well as increased traffic, sewage, and other effects. Burrowing owls have become much rarer and scarce in California.
photo courtesy of the California Department of Fish and Game

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